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Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Significant = full of meaning - important -

of consequence - momentous

A book can change ones life.   "Nothing can bring two people together more than to have read and loved the same book".  Books have had a profound affect on my life. “When I only begin to read, I forget I am in this world. It lifts me on wings with high thoughts. (Anza Yezierska)  They have inspired me and provided me with role models.

My daughter in law had a tradition with her sisters where they read good church novels and then passed them around so they could all read them.  She included me in the book sharing.  I patterned this idea of Significant stories to a character in three of Donald Smurthwaite’s books:  Fine Old High Priests, A Wise, Blue Autumn, and Surprising Marcus

"Marcus Hathaway, the main character in Fine Old High Priests and A Wise, Blue Autumn, is turning seventy-five. Reaching that milestone causes him to reflect, not only on the events of his life but also on what lies ahead, when his time on earth will finally run out. In the tender and insightful way his readers have come to expect, author Donald Smurthwaite recounts both the humorous and somber events in Marcus's life, finding in his marriage, love for his family, church service, friendships, and occupation-ample evidence of a rich life, well-lived. Marcus may whimsically wonder if there are such things as golf and fly-fishing to be enjoyed in heaven, but his real concerns are universal: do our earthly relationships continue, and how does one best prepare to pass from here to there?"

Marcus was a good noble man who was active in the church and loved his wife and family. He saw meaning and value in life experiences.  In the story Marcus knew he would soon die and he talked to each of his two daughters separately and asked them what significant experiences would they tell their children about his life.  They each told him some experiences they would treasure and share.  It made me think about  the significant stories in my life. 

I organized my book, SIGNIFICANT STORIES, for my posterity:

I gathered together stories of testimonies that had a significant affect on my life;

Old and New Testament
Joseph Smith’s story
My Constitutive experience
How my mother’s family discovered truth
How my father’s - mother's family discovered truth
My Father and Mother’s Testimony
My testimony
The Mormon Experience - how important it is in our family.

I wrote about five men that have influenced by life.
I wrote women's stories:
     I had recorded each of our seven children's birth stories and I shared them. 
     I recorded some of the memorable memories I have of each of my children.
I recorded how I was named, and then three stories told about me when I was young.
I recorded about Jesus, our beloved Savior;
Drawn to His Spirit
Discovering Scripture, 
The Birth of Jesus-in story form
The Resurrection-
The Spirit of Truth- The Gift

Stories of my the fourfold mission of my life:
     Family, Religion, Genealogy, History, and Art.
I included two stories a son and daughter wrote about me and words of a song a daughter composed.
I tell the story of my sweetheart's death and my last loving moments with him.
The story of our daughters illness, and how adversity is entwined with gifts.
I conclude with a faith promoting story of meeting the Master as I walked along the way.

These "Significant Stories"  have had a profound affect on my life, and therefore I record them for my posterity.       

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